How to get access to EPC paper?

The Ethylene Producers' Conference Proceedings' papers are available on-line to corporations/institutions and individuals by subscription. The subscriber will be provided user ID and password upon completion of subscription.

Those with corporate or institutional subscriptions can share the web access code internally with their worldwide employees, subsidiary and joint venture companies (with at least 50% ownership interest). The corporate/institutional subscriber will be responsible for establishing guidelines to safeguard web access and assure that their employees do not share access codes with third parties.

Individual subscriptions are just as the name describes. They are for single person users who are either self-employed as consultants or are retired from an ethylene producer or technology licensor. If you are not the sole employee in your organization you should be using the corporate subscription rate. The individual subscriber will be responsible for assuring that they do not share their access code with a third party.

The need for a subscription renewal fee is at the discretion of, and reviewed annually by the EPC.

Subscription Fee


Initial Subscription Fee: US$3000
Annual subscription renewal fee: US$200/yr


Initial Subscription Fee: US$500
Annual subscription renewal fee: US$75/yr

Subscribe on-line today or send remittance to:
Thomas M. Pickett
Treasurer, Ethylene Producers' Committee of the AIChE
Technip Stone & Webster Process Technology
11740 Katy Freeway
Houston, TX 77079