Ethylene Producers' Conferences

The objective of the Ethylene Producers Proceedings website is to help promote HSE, Reliability and Profitability of Ethylene industry by sharing published information concerning Ethylene manufacturing.

This website contains over 1000 papers, presentations and tutorials compiled from the Ethylene Producers' Conference since 1989.

Users can search, view, and print papers on the full spectrum of technical information on ethylene, olefins, and their by-products, including:

  • Ethylene plant operation best practices and industrial experience
  • Environmental regulations, monitoring, and compliance technology
  • Safety practices, risk management, incidents, and lessons learned
  • Process control, optimization, and profit maximization
  • Rotating Machinery design, operation/maintenance, and reliability
  • Furnace design, operation, and coke reduction techniques
  • Technological developments in Ethylene industry
  • Results of ethylene plant surveys and benchmarking analysis
  • Ethylene Plant Feedstock contaminants, impact, and mitigation

And so much more.